Automotive and Equipment Reports
Beyond Knowledge.
Lease Return Portfolio Coordinators can defend "return on investment" by securing appropriate remediation for damage to the leased asset. Maintain awareness of each portfolio and solve issues before they become problems by using a cost-effective inspection report from TKi.
Beyond Value.
OEM Remarketing Managers can now generate stakeholder value by bringing used car inspections in-house across their national dealership system. Now the OEM has the data they need, consolidated in one place to gauge and project real time asset depreciation, reconditioning costs and maintenance costs from coast to coast.
Beyond Simplicity.
Financial Analysts know their obligation to liquidate foreclosed assets at fair market value is being met because their inspection process, was customized and utilizes, a proprietary 83- point inspection report based on regulations and industry standards. Exceedingly fast and accurate inspections, provide proper valuations and reduced cost in collateral recovery.
Real Trust.
Buying a used car in person can be intimidating, much more so when buying online. That’s why links to TireKicker inspection reports on website listings give buyers real confidence, knowing that there is an accurate picture of their potential purchase.
Real Access.
Take advantage of TireKicker's "Industry Standard Based" integration options to simplify inventory management. Your IT provider can update your software so your staff only need to conduct one walk-around to complete a condition report, take photos and create an inventory entry.
Real Certainty.
Times are changing fast and customers expect professional, detailed reports that can be called up on demand from computers and mobile devices. Deliver accurate reports faster than your competitors because TireKicker creates reports live, on site – even without a reliable Internet connection.
Accountability in Your Chain of Custody
TireKicker lets your inspectors create a new report tailored to their specific needs as inventory changes hands from company to company and division to division. This helps you determine when and where new damage occurs while the item moves from end to end of your operation.
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